:::sumtin in my mind my thoughts and my heart…nobody cares aite??:::

shuh shuh~ April 30, 2008

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shuh shuh..

shuh shuh dis kind of feeling…

shuh shuh out from me..

shuh shuh far from me..

i dun want dis kind of feeling..

dat day i manage to control dis feeling kan??

so now i must control gak!!

cannot like dis!!

shuh shuh!!!

i can do it!!~


its ok if u dun hav fren around u..

its ok if u dun hav love around u..

take a gud care of urself…

think more bout urself…

love urself first b4 u love others..

if u love urself, dun think much bout that kind of feelings..

jes study n do ur revision!!!

exam is jes around d corner…


u can do it!!~




hp ilang~

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huhu..y’day ( 29th april 2008 ) brunch kat fudcot hb3 dgn chenta n sorg kwn ktrg..then sumone msg me so i replied his msg n put my fon on d table la..then chow g lib..i din noticed da fon is still on d g je la lib..then kat lib,i wanted to silent my fon..theni cudnt find my fon..kinda cuak dat, chenta n i went back to hb3 to look 4 d fon..chenta ask the ppl kat kdai2 tu..they said they din see it..but we suspect one of the mkck yg angkat pggan cwn tu cos ade la mke2 yg cam mke cuak..but,wut can we do kan..

so we went back to so sad..i cried…chenta calm me down..huhu..i cudnt study dat time..try to forget it..then ptg tu,called servis centre celcom wanna ask how to mntk da same num..luckily murah je kene kalo nk mntk num sma..but blom g celcom centre nearest by…mayb friday la kot..haihh…nk cpt num tu..huhu…ssh xde num tu…btw,da mmg ilang sme fonebook!!sedey oke!!!



strongerr~ April 28, 2008

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i am Stronger than yesterday
Now it's nothing but my way
My lonliness ain't killing me no more
I'm stronger

That I ever thought that I could be
I used to go with the flow
Didn't really care bout me
You might think that I can't take it, but you're wrong
Cause now I'm stronger


lesson~ April 27, 2008

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chenta taught me bout few things today..bout frens..bout how i shud n shudnt treat frens..he told me not to take care n think of frens more than i take care n think bout my self..yes,i agreed..b4 dis,i always think bout my fren’s feelin more than i think of my own feelings..dats bcos im afraid of loosing them..but now,ive already lose quite a number of frens which a few of them i loved so much..actually,more than half of them i loved so much..n honestly,i regret loosing them as my frens cos i used to belief that they’re my true frens which i can depens on..but now..i dun think we can b as close as b4…haihh..kinda regret it..regret of loosing them bcos of sumbody else…chenta said,jes b gud to others eventhough if they dun treat u gud…n dun aspect sumtin gud from others….he also said..its ok to hav thousandsof frens,but dun b so close cos it might hurt my own feelings…

chenta also told me not to be so emotional person as it may bring effect to my ownself…he told me to be more decissive person…not jes depens on others..i think,all of this are an indecissive person bcos i dun wanna decide on sumtin cos im afraid the others might not like it…so i prefer to say,’i dun mind anything’..this is bcos i really dont mind y’noe…hihi..

chenta also told me not to keep inside my heart all d sadness etc..he told me to let it go…he told me to be strongger…he told me not to cry cos it shows im too weak…

ive learn so many things today..thank you chentaku…thank you for everything…i love u sho much…



engine maths iv budus!!!!!!!!!! April 19, 2008

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urghhh..aritu test engine mths 4..firstly da yakin ngan jwpan sndiri..then tgk answer sheet chentaku,bnyk len..mle2 xmo tkr lagi…then nmpk lak jwpan cina dok sbela ni..jwpan di sma ngan jwpan chentaku..trus la rs cuak kan..sbb bnyk len kot!!so aku pon trus la tkr jwpan aku..ade la dlm 10 soklan…ms nk submit tu,chentaku tny nape bnyk sgt len..aku pun jwp ntah..then memula cuak sbb tkt kantoi tiru sbb nmpk sgt aku men conteng je tkr jwpan tu…then tetibe aku terpk ayt lecturer ms exm td..’nvm la..jes ignore the announcemen that ive made jes doesnt matter cos der’s 2set of question paper’..trus aku nanges kat chentku..then ckp la kat chenta..perasan x td lecturer ckp ade 2set,which mean,soklan aku ngan chenta lain!!!which mean jwpan aku bt memula tu sbb aku tkr ikut die so salah la!!!urghhhh!!!trus nanges like shit…lama gak amik ms tuk lpekan tu…

tp..arini result test tu kua…sme dpt average berbelas2 ar..mostly above 15/20…but me???? 5/20!!!wtf!!!!tensennye!!!malunye!!!!urghhhh…carry mark rendah da!!!final cmne???huuhuhu..takotnye…takotfail je final kang…huaaa…xsangka lecturer terleby idea bt smpai 2set berlainan…huhuhu…sedey gle oke!!



ragam~ April 14, 2008

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mama penah ckp..

kat dunia ni mcm2 ragam org..

mcm2 prangai org..

ade yg kte senangi..

n ade yg kte xsenangi…

tp kalo kte xske cmne pon prangai die..

kte still kne trima cmtu la prangai die…

jes pk blk,wut if kat diri kte??

wut if org pon xsng ngan prangai kte..

so,no matter wut..

kte kne trima gak prangai org tu…

walaupun kte yg terasa..

walaupun kte yg sakit..etc etc…

aku akui,aku cpt pissed off ngan org yg prangainya tak menyenangkan..

salunye,aku akan bt bodo ngan org tu..

bt snyap je..

biar die sndiri2 phm..


tp ade gak org yg xsedar..


ssh btol org cenggini…

xphm ke org len da xthn ngan prangai ko tuuuuu????

ke saje nk bt2 xphm???

xpe2..jes kene sabar je ag kan..

smoga tahap kesabaran aku tinggi.



hanya~ April 13, 2008

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hanya kerana seorang..

hanya kerana kata-kata seorang..

hanya kerana dia seorang…

rosak segalanya…